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Andrea Andersen Author

What It Means To Be Brave

What It Means To Be Brave

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Courtney Henderson craves one thing in her life, stability. Years after establishing a career and home that she loves, she finds herself sitting on the stage of her best friend's favorite rock band. While interpreting the band's lyrics to ASL, everything takes an unexpected turn. Surprisingly, the lead singer of the band is her former childhood best friend, Joshua Madey.

Joined at the hip through their senior year, but rejected and ghosted by him after graduation, Courtney hasn’t spoken to Joshua in over a decade. Now, the band's manager proposes an opportunity that could bring the friends back together. Can Courtney navigate her past feelings of hurt to achieve her goals, or will her fears of being abandoned again leave her on a plateau?

What It Means To Be Brave is a standalone novel, the second in the What It Means series.

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